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Okinawa, Japan


 Okinawa Island (The Ryukyus) is a chain over 1,000 kilometers long. Naha, Okinawa’s capital, is located around 1500km (955 miles) South West from Tokyo (2:30 hrs flight)

Okinawans are known for theirlongevity. Individuals live longer on this Japanese island than anywhere else in the world. Five times as many Okinawans live to be 100 as in the rest of Japan, and Japanese are already the longest-lived ethnic group globally.

In 1609, the Ryūkyū Kingdom was obliged to agree to form a tributary relationship with the Satsuma and the Tokugawa Shogunate.  Four years after the 1868 Meiji restoration, the Japanese government, through military incursions, officially annexed the kingdom and renamed it Ryukyu Han. Ryukyu Han became Okinawa Prefecture of Japan in 1879, even though all other Hans had become prefectures of Japan in 1872. 

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Japon : mode d'emploi


Le Pays du Soleil Levant est une destination fascinante pour les Européens, mais qui n'est pas "facile" à gérer, logistiquement parlant, pour les organisateurs d'opérations Mice.

Parmi les agences spécialisées qui commencent à s'intéresser sérieusement à la destination, Aubert Ermisse vient de réaliser coup sur coup 2 opérations pour 2 clients différents au printemps dernier.

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Article Best wearable luggage Jackets



What a smart idea! Since some airlines started charging for check-in luggage, passengers have been looking for ways to save money and beat the baggage charges. This has spawned a new generation of 'wearable luggage' or 'luggage jackets' – essentially clothing with lots of pockets that allow you to stash your belongings on your person, so you can travel with hand-luggage only

Oïmiakon, L’endroit habité le plus froid du monde


Oïmiakon est un village russe de Sibérie orientale. C’est l’endroit habité qui enregistre les températures les plus basses dans le monde, à cause de sa situation entre deux chaînes de montagnes qui y retiennent l’air froid.

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Air Force One Still on sale!


The old DC9 jetliner (who has flown until 2005), not the one (B747) with the special setup for the presidents! No one bet  to the auction ( bids have started at $50,000 on May 15, in Phoenix Arizona)