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Raden Smart Luggage The formidable suitcase + app combo weighs itself


The formidable suitcase + app combo weighs itself, charges phones and lets you know when it's close by....


The plot might be familiar: a young start-up disrupts big, sleepy industry that nobody young wants to touch—but the ending is sweet and actually, available to purchase on the day of its launch. Raden is more than a container to hold your clothes and toiletries; its smart features (like GPS-tracking, weight sensors, and removable, standalone battery pack) work with real-time traffic and TSA data to make travel less hassle and more pleasure. Josh Udashkin, Raden founder and CEO, saw a need in the market by way of his uncle, who was in the luggage business. "I started learning about the luggage business was how big it was, that most of the products are terrible, the brands are worse, the industrial design is worse than that—and there is no technology," he tells.

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